1950 Chrysler Windsor Sedan



Interesting Facts

In 1949, for Chrysler's 25th anniversary, Chrysler Windsors were redesigned.[8] The style was boxier than the competition.[8] New this year was a padded dashboard with sponge rubber for safety.[8][12] In 1950, the Windsor Traveler Sedan was reintroduced, but only lasted one year.[8] The Windsor still had full instrumentation.[13] 1951, the Royal was dropped, and the Windsor became Chrysler's low-priced car.[8] Front leg room was 41.8".[8] The Windsor DeLuxe had an electric clock standard, while electric windows were optional.[8][14] In the September 1951 issue of Popular Mechanics, readers reported getting an average of 14.1mpg with the Windsor and 98% reported liking the padded dashboard.[15] Little changed in 1952. Power brakes were standard on the Windsor DeLuxe 8-passenger sedan.[8]


Car Information

This car is in very bad shape. Good only for parts or Ratrod